Join Us March 5-7, 2020

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Michael Dow


Zamar Media Solutions

San Jose, CA

(408) 226-4323

As President and founder of Zamar Media Solutions, Michael Dow has been an active proponent of improving technology in the church community. He has accomplished this by forming a Christ-based installation and consulting firm that is committed to serving the Christian community. His firm has made an exceedingly strong commitment to educating the church tech community on how to operate and use the technical systems needed by churches today.

Dow founded Zamar Sound in 1991 as a consultancy focused on helping the Church improve the technical quality of its presentation. His company has now grown to a contracting firm working with larger facilities as well as the small-church market.

2012 Workshop

Audio Visual & Media: Video Projection Basics - What Projector Do You Need?


With our current economy, Video Sanctuaries and Multi-site Video campuses are all the rage. But one of the most challenging concerns to make this all work it the A/V technology side. In this session we will discuss some our recent installations and the methods we used to solve some of those issues. We will also cover the various technologies needed and how to make them all “play” together in order to present a seemless and compelling “Video Church” experience.