Join Us March 5-7, 2020

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Roy Tinklenberg

Church Planter at Compass Christian Church

Next Generation Churches of Northern California

Mountain View, CA

Roy is married to Esther and together they have three kids Bethany, Ben and Brooke! He loves being a dad and encouraging other men to be excellent fathers, great husbands and valuable workers. As a Pastor in the Silicon Valley, Roy places a high premium on mobilizing and empowering leaders towards greater effectiveness in their work and relationships.

2020 Workshop

Men's Ministry: 9 to 5 Worship

3/6/2020 3:00 - 4:15 p.m. Room: A1

Worship is not just something that we do for an hour on the weekends. It is what we do the other 167 hours of our week as well - including all the hours we spend at work. God invites us to stop separating our lives into sacred and secular compartments. He calls us to see our work as an expression of worship and devotion. As Dorothy Sayers says, 'Let the Church see to it that the workers are Christian people and do their work well, as to God: then all the work will be Christian work.