Join Us March 5-7, 2020

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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Barbara Williams

Christian Education Dept

Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

Oakland, CA

(707) 319-1464

She has taught in the field of Christian Education for over 40 years. A conference speaker for youth and women's ministries and conducts relationship workshops.Currently Director of Christian Education at Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, Oakland, CA.

2020 Workshop

Evangelism & Outreach: Is Our Evangelism Effective In The Inner City?

3/7/2020 12:45 - 2:00 p.m. Room: D2

Rising murder rates, unsolved violence in the inner city - what does this say about inner city churches? This workshop will discuss ways we can become more effective in ministering to our neighborhoods by becoming 'Empathy Centers'.

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