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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Clay Allen

Pastor, President, & Founder


Danville, CA

(925) 451-6000


2020 Workshop

21st Century Issues: Toxic Sex and Porn Habits are Ruining Lives. Yes, in Your Church!


Get equipped to grow your church by addressing your church's No. 1 unspoken need: healing people impacted by toxic sex and porn. Compassionate help, hope, and healing reap bold, brave, giving men, and, restored marriages!! 77% of Christian men and 54% of pastors are trapped in the cycle of toxic sex from the pornification of today’s culture. The harvest is passive men, devastated wives, broken families and derailed destinies. People are starving for your church to step forward with godly solutions for hurting men and their betrayed wives! Join other courageous churches that are dealing decisively, yet tactfully with this silent plague so that people are restored to their God-designed destinies. Your church will be relevant and thrive, growing in size and influence to lead your community back to God as you help people experience Christ’s transformation. You’ll become a hero in the process. Come learn how easy it can be. This workshop repeats on Friday @ 1:30.