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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Cecil Wong

Life Coach and Family Mentor

Family Connections Coaching

San Francisco, CA


Cecil is married to May, 28 years and counting. He has 2 children, Leanne and Randy, 21 and 19. Through this precious family, God has given Cecil a growing passion for authentic transformation and grace-filled living. In his experience with students and parents, he’s seen that every home, especially those with children and youth, needs Christ to cultivate greater health emotionally and spiritually. This understanding has led Cecil to focus more on Biblical intimacy, spirituality, marriage, and parenting.

For almost 3 decades, he was with Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church involved in various ministries from musical drama to fellowship to day camp. After graduating from college, he worked for 19 years at the church's school, Cornerstone Academy, the last few years as chaplain and dean of students.

In May of 2007, Cecil graduated from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary with a master's degree in theological studies. Interests and hobbies include bass fishing, biking, tennis, and weightlifting, but mostly just hanging out with wife and kids. He also enjoys eating and traveling with parents and extended family.

In 2009, Cecil took on the role of Christian Education Director of Sunset Church (2009-2015). He continued to grow himself in spiritual and relational knowledge so that he could effectively lead and equip volunteer staff and parents. He encouraged and trained them in the Biblical call for intentional discipleship of children and youth (most importantly at home) with Christ-centered Bible learning which explicitly addresses one's core identity. According to Jesus, knowledge of God must result in spiritual formation / transformation. And this must be authenticated in our homes.

Cecil's overarching goal in ministry is for the hearts of fathers to be turned towards their children and the hearts of children to their fathers (Malachi 4:6). This requires discipling of men to lay bare their hearts before the Word of God (Heb.4:12,13) and yield to the compelling love of God, to get real. When the head of household loves God with all their heart, soul, and strength, cherishing their wives with the love of Christ, they will turn their affections and care to their future generations to grow their hearts. God, who initially created families to be places of love and intimacy, desires to restore them to experience that same joy which originally began in the Garden of Eden (aka the Garden of Delight). And this will only happen through the headship of the home who submits to the headship of heaven. It is the responsibility of the church to lead men to regain their divinely ordained place in the spiritual welfare of the home.

In 2014, Cecil received the Certificate of Transformational Coaching to add the skill of life coaching to his tool box. Through this additional training, he is helping grow more leaders who will multiply God's passion to redeem families for His glory.

In 2017, Cecil published his first book, Growth-Centered Family.

He started Family Connections Coaching in 2013, moonlighting until 2015 when he decided to go full time. Through this service, he hopes to transform the way the world does family.

2020 Workshop

Marriage & Families: Growth Centered Family

3/6/2020 1:30 - 2:45 p.m. Room: D2

What is a growth centered family? It’s one that prioritizes the development of every member through growing emotional and relational health and maturity; not only of the children but also parents. It fosters an environment that prioritizes the building up of what matters most - an identity rooted in eternal love and wisdom.

Why growth-centered?

A growth center prevents unhealthy centers from developing, ie. child-centered, fear-centered, performance-centered, activity-centered, work-centered, education-centered, etc. When emotions and relationships are growing in maturity, members of the family will have wisdom and love to get clear and go forward with what matters most. Secondary priorities will be appropriately managed but the main things (people - their hearts, souls, condition of their interior lives) will not be overlooked, forgotten or sacrificed.

Family life is incredibly dynamic and it takes a lot of wisdom and strength to successfully navigate marriage, parenting, life after kids, and grandparenting.

Being growth-centered doesn’t leave this highest priority up to chance. Elevating the value of lifelong learning simply makes sense and it will go a long way in preparing for all the storms ahead. And there is great reward and joy in making it through in one piece, intact “till death do us part”.

Being growth-centered is absolutely essential to experience decades of increasing relevance, love, joy, and hope!