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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 7-9, 2019
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Doug Tegner

Pastor at Large

Redwood Chapel

Castro Valley, CA


Pastor at Large, Redwood Chapel Community Church, Castro Valley, CA

2019 Workshop

Pastors: Pastor's Kid: Unique Joys and Challenges of Being a PK

3/9/2019 8:00 - 9:15 a.m. Room: D1

PK's grow up with a unique and challenging perspective of faith, family and life within the Church. We will have honest conversation about the blessings of being a PK and also consider real issues often faced by pastoral families - examining attitudes and actions that encourage health in the pastor's home. The insights and principles shared are greatly influenced by personal interviews with 20+ young adult PK’s in the recent years and from personal experiences over the past 40 years in Bay Area churches.

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