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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-7, 2020
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Roy Smith


Knights of the 21st Century

Lebanon, PA


Dr. Roy Smith has worked for over 35 years as a psychologist and counselor to men and their families. Pennsylvania Counseling Services, which he began out of his home, now offers a variety of counseling services in ten counties in Central Pennsylvania. Roy is also an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance. He developed LiveUp Resources, a ministry that produces men’s and women’s video resources to help them grow and learn how to lead more effectively, contributing to the overarching goal of positively changing our culture. Roy has also written several books in the area of men’s issues, including Bull, Being God’s Man, Basic Warrior Training, Manhood Journey (Volumes 1-5), Why Not Try To Hit The Real Target—Men and You’re Not Dead Yet. He recently began writing The Campfire Gang series, which now includes six published volumes, to teach young boys biblical leadership and character-building skills through an engaging storyline. Roy has a master of divinity degree and a master’s and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. He is married to Jan, who is also a psychologist; they have two children, a son-in-law and two grandsons.

2019 Workshop

Men's Ministry: Mentoring Boys into Manhood


Many fathers are relationally isolated and emotionally disconnected, leaving them at a loss for how to lead boys into manhood. Boys are left to their own devices, and turn to the world for its faulty definition of manhood. They soon find themselves acting out, bored, passive, and violent, just like so many other males in our culture. This workshop will address the culture’s attack on boys, the impact of biology on boys learning style, mentoring and educational principles to help boys develop into honorable men and concrete action steps moms and dads can take in the developmental process of boys.

Workshop Handouts: Mentoring Boys into Manhood (pdf)