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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Shirley Lytle


Living With Purpose Counseling

Bellevue, WA

(425) 998-7123

I help individuals, couples and families deal with the tension that comes with life transitions. My approach integrates counseling theory and spirituality. It encourages hope and empowerment to the lost, lonely, and left out, allowing them to move to a place of wholeness and healing. Working with a wide spectrum of cultural and religious backgrounds, I have the ability to meet people where they are at in their journey. Over the past 30 years, I have provided pre-marital and couples counseling through various relationship levels including marriage contemplation, pre-engagement, engaged and married.

My Christian counseling approach and style: Counseling is a unique experience for each person. I meet you where you are spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My approach to counseling is relational and I help you discover ways to incorporate practical applications to your life.

2018 Workshop

Counseling: Religion, Sex & Money: Where Do WE Go From Here? What More DO You Want?


The Church has always played a pivotal role in marriages and as an institution dedicated to service, there is more that can be done before couples get married to prepare the next generation. The foundation of any relationship determines its longevity. Unfortunately, too many relationships are formed today without ever establishing a solid foundation.

Core Values function as the foundation of a person and how they function in life. Too often the cores values that people hold most dear are those that determine how they deal with money, sex, family or religion. Unfortunately, these values are not identified until after some catastrophic event occurs revealing superficial understanding of their significant other. It is therefore no wonder that divorce still plagues the church and society at large. We have spent over 30 years helping couples learn, grow and move confidently in their relationships. We have helped establish marriage ministries in a variety of denominations. With critical questions designed to create meaningful discussion, breakout groups to produce a strategic action plan to develop classes in your church and resources to offer assistance. We want to show you how to help couples establish the longevity they hoped for, not through gimmicks, but practical exercises to allow them to align their vision for their relationship.

Workshop Handouts: Core Values (doc)