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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Deanna Allen

Founder & President

Abundant Place

Vacaville, Ca


Deanna is a wife and mother of 6 beautiful children. She is also an author, speaker and the Founder of Abundant Place Ministries.

Also affectionately known as "The Prison Lady" Deanna has extensively ministered nationwide inside of prisons, jails and juvenile halls.

Deanna has been referred to as “a light, a spark plug, extremely dynamic, powerful, riveting, and a breath of fresh air.” Her background of life lessons, years of recovery experience, and lay counseling give her a unique perspective and remarkable voice to speak into and for the hearts of the hurting, broken, or individuals desiring to get to their next level.

Deanna has authored four books including "The Son Is Shining", "Pathway to Serenity; Overcoming Spiritual Bankruptcy", "Recovery to Destiny; Journey to the Promised Land", and "One Word From You". Deanna has also co-authored several additional books.

Deanna is a Senior Faculty Member of Women's Empowerment University (WEU), a National Representative for Daughters of Destiny Prison Ministry, a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA), Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE), and is actively involved in state and county work through board memberships and other contracted roles.

Deanna is a National Key-Note speaker who enjoys sharing at conferences, retreats, youth events, churches, charitable organizations and especially prisons and jails. Deanna has a reputation of being a highly motivational speaker who will inspire and encourage her audience to be all God created us to be, even if it’s one person at the grocery store.

2018 Workshop

Evangelism & Outreach: Becoming Trauma Informed – Have More Successful Transformations


Trauma is surrounding most of our cities. Experienced in nearly every home. How does it play a part in outreach and evangelism?

In this workshop you will become trauma informed and learn how to experience more successful transformations! We’ll identify unique challenges in working with those who’ve experienced traumatic experiences.

Together we'll answer such questions as: What is secondary trauma? Is it possible to heal a heart that won’t trust anyone? Is this a way to reach an entire generation? Even more - can this break generational cycles?

Trauma is more than an event. It's effects last far beyond the day of the occurrence. From physical to psychological and even spiritual responses the individuals and families we are reaching out to may be living these effects for years.

In this workshop we will increase our awareness in identifying a trauma story, unfolding it's impact in the lives of those we reach, learn how to offer practical tools for those still overwhelmed by their traumatic experiences and much more.