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A Conference for Northern California Churches


Senior Pastor

Japanese Christian Church of Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, Ca


Matthew "Matty" Blevins is the Senior Pastor of the Japanese Christian Church of Walnut Creek (English Department) and has over 17 years of pastoral experience. He graduated from San Jose Christian College and Western Seminary and is often invited to speak at retreats and conferences in the areas of engaging culture, Biblical sexuality and redemptive suffering. He has been married to his best friend and true love Mary for 25 years and has two amazing boys, Elijah (age 12) and Josiah (age 7), who are both home-schooled. His hobbies are mixed-martial arts, reading sci-fi and fantasy and experiencing difficult culinary cultures.

2018 Workshop

21st Century Issues: Ministry Burnout: From Marthas into Marys.


Ministry burnout is real. Within it we find ourselves depressed, hurt, critical, anxious, with feelings of exhaustion and hopelessness. And many of us who find ourselves there can’t find our way out. Our faith grows cold, our sin gains control, and we despair. But there is hope. God is not done with us! Come here Pastor Matty share as he speaks about his own severe ministry burnout and how God healed and restored him through the process.