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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Reggie Coates

Executive Director

Heartfelt Music Ministry

Mt. Hermon, CA


Reggie has a love for God and others that is contagious and touches people’s lives in a powerful way. Through his passionate music and stories, he refreshingly encourages others to an active faith, revitalizes joy, inspires transparency, renews hope and draws us to a loving relationship with God. Whether it’s in a concert, teaching music, leading worship or sharing from God’s Word, Reggie puts a focus on the priority of knowing God through Jesus Christ. With a balance of skillful artistry, human experience and spiritual truth, he lives out the verse from Psalm 33:3, “Sing to the Lord a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy!”

2017 Workshop

Worship Arts: Dynamic Guitar in Worship


BRING YOUR GUITAR! This empowering workshop for all Christian guitarists (intermediate through advanced) is designed to teach creative and expressive guitar playing in a worship setting, combining the technical and fun aspects of guitar playing with spiritual passion. This workshop is a blend of participation, demonstration and teaching. The majority of the workshop is hands-on where each person plays along with the techniques being demonstrated. Through Biblical insight and practical experience, Reggie inspires the correlation of dynamic faith in Jesus Christ with creative and expressive guitar playing. Reggie will cover:

- Expressive Techniques in Worship - Making Songs Flow (The Art of Transition) - Common Contemporary Chord Progressions - Scales and Contemporary Chords - Learning Technique through Songs - Gaining Confidence - Helpful Exercises

There are helpful materials given to each individual. Those who have attended either the Christian Guitarist Workshops or Christian Guitarist Conferences know how training from Reggie will give you a spirited “shot in the arm” to prepare you for ministry.

Workshop Handouts: Dynamic Guitar in Worship (pdf)· Contemporary Chords (pdf)· Songs in G (pdf)