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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Clay Allen

Pastor, President, & Founder


Danville, CA

(925) 451-6000


2017 Workshop

21st Century Issues: Toxic Sex and Porn Habits are Ruining Lives. Yes, in Your Church.


Get equipped to address your No. 1 Unspoken Need! The facts are in, it’s not just ‘out there in the world.’ Christian men, even pastors, have become emasculated by the world which increasingly normalizes toxic sex. The harvest is passivity, devastated wives, broken families and derailed destinies. Yet, some courageous churches are dealing openly and tactfully with this silent plague, offering compassionate help, hope & healing. Churches reap bold, brave, giving men, restored marriages and families. Get equipped to address the real needs of your members, your community, and become a hero in the process. Come learn how.