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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Gil Stieglitz


Principles to Live By

Roseville, CA


Dr. Gil Stieglitz is the Discipleship Pastor and head of groups at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA. He has served as Executive Pastor, Campus Pastor, and a Senior Pastor in various churches in California, and founded Principles to Live By to spread insights about life lived God’s way. Gil also served for 13 years as a Denominational Executive with the EFCA helping churches become vibrant. He continues as a graduate school professor and teaching pastor in various churches.

He has an M.A. in Biblical Exposition and a Ph.D. in Christian Leadership with a special emphasis in Spiritual Warfare. He has authored over 25 books including 4 bestsellers: Spiritual Disciplines of a Christian; Becoming a Godly Husband; Becoming a Godly Wife; Marital Intelligence. His newest book, Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage comes out in late-2019.

2015 Workshop

Men's Ministry: Mission Possible: Winning the Battle Over Temptation


It is amazing how many people believe that it is not possible to keep your mind pure in today’s world. There is too much sensuality; too much pornography; too much immorality. But this is not true. In this hard hitting but practical seminar Dr. Gil Stieglitz gives real answers on how to develop and maintain a pure mind. We can take control of our minds, our eyes, our bodies and our manhood. It is not too late to resist temptation and learn to become real men. This seminar is for the man who has been looking for ways to beat back the hold that temptation has on his life. This seminar offers a practical, proven way to really help men who are struggling with temptation or are already caught in sexual sin. This seminar details specific Biblical projects to win against temptation and enjoy a new level of mental and emotional clarity.