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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 4-6, 2021
Hosted at Redwood Chapel
19300 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA

Samantha Trimble

Faith@Home Ambassador & Coach

Faith@Home Ministries

Walnut Creek, IL

Samantha is a Faith@Home Ambassador & Coach, She serves as a full-time missionary to the Faith@Home Ministry movement and works in conjunction with the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination as a coach to children and family ministers. Samantha's goal is to provide complimentary resources, coaching, connection and collaboration with churches, ministries, and families who are striving to build and sustain faith and discipleship in the home. Follow her on Instagram - @ImpressFaith

“As a Faith@Home Ambassador, Samantha is partnering with churches to help them develop a customized and integrated Faith@Home strategy that will help churches reestablish the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured. Statistics clearly showcase the fact that, for many, faith is being lived, expressed and nurtured at church but it is not continuing as a lifestyle that is being lived at home. As a result, children are being raised in hypocritical environments where faith is something you do at church and not at home and as a result, later in life, they are walking away from their Christian faith. Pastors and church teams agree that faith should be lived and nurtured in the home yet very few churches have an intentional strategy for equipping their people to be 24/7, faith@home-focused followers of Christ. Samantha, as a trained Ambassador for Faith@Home ministries ( is equipped to help churches and families reestablish the home as the primary place where faith is lived, expressed and nurtured.”

~Mark Holmen, international missionary to the Faith@Home Movement and leader of Faith@Home Ministries~

"Samantha is well qualified to take on this Ambassador mission. She has now served as a Director of Children’s Ministries in two churches. She has worked in local church youth ministry. She is a Coach for Children and Family Ministries for the Evangelical Covenant Church. Along with her experience, she has an exuberant passion for seeing healthy families bringing vitality and health to the local church and vice versa. Samantha is an articulate visionary with boundless energy and a wise grasp on the problems and challenges facing the church/family interface. She brings integrity to her role as an advocate for children and families as she has professionally cared for children in home, and she has worked as a Foster Care volunteer. She has a particular passion to take Faith@Home principles and help bring them to bear in families with children with special needs.

In our crazy disintegrating culture today we need strong voices calling the church into an intentional partnership with the home to maximize spiritual influence in the most effective way. Samantha has a role to play in this mission, and we are grateful for her influence in our community, and glad to recommend her ministry to your community."

~Jeff Reed, Senior Pastor, Hillside Covenant Church, Walnut Creek, CA~

2015 Workshop

Christian Education: Intergenerational Ministry Forum


In our highly segmented church culture, we can often be an active member in a church family without really connecting with those outside of our age and stage. Yet, intergenerational relationships have been shown to be a key to fostering lasting faith in our children, and it is a model that we see held up in the Bible repeatedly. Our younger generations need to reap the benefits of being known and seen by those who are wiser and further down the road, and our older generations can be blessed by the faith of a child.

But what does intergenerational ministry look like in practice? Even more pressing, what can it look like in your ministry context?

Join us for this interactive, forum-style workshop where we will...

• Explore four keys to understanding intergenerational ministry • Evaluate how your church is living into three necessary pillars • Discover three key elements that bring generations together • Experience practices that help guide the generations toward spiritual maturity • Analyze the cultural perspective of your church community • Receive tools that will help you build your own plan for a thriving intergenerational ministry

Workshop Handouts: Initial Questions (docx)· Intergenerational Church Assessment (docx)· Personal Assessment (docx)· Assessment for Planning a New Event (docx)· Intergenerational Church Worship Ideas (doc)· Slides for Intergenerational Ministry Forum (ppt)