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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Keith Holmlund


Twisted AV

Oakland, CA, CA

Keith Holmlund brings over 30 years of experience in the audio/visual industry to deliver the best in designing and programming systems. No job is too big or small - his experience ranges from intimate home theaters to large venues such as the Shoreline Amphitheater. Keith enjoys the scope and variety of systems he has been able to design and be a part of. Early in his career Keith worked for several sound companies, and held a variety of roles ranging from mixing sound for entertainers such as the Indigo Girls to installing large scale systems such as Candlestick Park's sound system. Regarded as a ‘subject-matter-expert’ in sound system design, Keith launched his own company, Twisted AV, in 2003.

2013 Workshop

Audio Visual & Media: Live Sound Basics


1.0 Background of audio source frequency range. 1.1 Frequency ranges of speech and program material. 1.2 Understanding the equipment limitations that also limit audio quality. 1.3 How proximity plays a role in perceived quality. 2.0 Audio rules. 2.1 Rules of audio that are tools for equalizing audio sources. 2.2 Rules, not myths, of sound level. 2.3 Important roles that audio rules play in good sound. 3.0 Sound level range. 3.1 NC ratings and how to measure it. 3.2 Adequate audio level and STI (Speech Transmission Index). 3.3 Sound level index, measurement weight.

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