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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Rodrigo Alfaro

Information forthcoming

Templo de la Cruz

Hayward, CA

Growing up in Christian home, and by the time I was 8 years I had already been Baptized which was much younger than what the Lead Pastor had been use to baptizing, however from what he said I had passed my Baptismal Classes much better than most adults. From then on I was always involved in church, however I really did not understand who God really was or what it even meant for me to truly follow the call that was on my life. In fact as I entered my pre-teen years I began to doubt that I could even serve God at my age because I hadn't seen any of my peers really seek out God, so I remember telling God that "I would serve him as an adult but as a teenager I would do my own thing". As many would know that didn't really go over too well in my life, and within a year I faced one of the hardest/challenging moments in my life when encountering a death in my own family. Now it was not too much long after that where my youth pastor really began to mentor me and invest in my life, so by the time I was 15 years I was already working in the church office and learning first hand what goes on behind the scenes, everything from cleaning to follow ups and doing pastoral visitations. By the time I was 16 years old I already began preaching and teaching on a regular basis and attending a Bible Institute in Hayward, CA called Urban Bible Training Center (UBTC) while finishing up my senior year of high school. However, I was doing all this without have anything more than just head knowledge of God, and lacking a close personal relationship with Him. Yet, the 2 years following high school I attended a discipleship school from the ages of 17-18, and it was here where I can truly say that I encountered God in such away that I could never look back. So by the age of 18 I was a youth pastor at a small Spanish church with only 5 attendees and within 18 months we grew to over 50 members; while working full-time and attending a local community college. From there at the age of 20, I began to help out with a church plant in Fremont where I helped out in various capacities, from evangelism, small groups to youth ministry but my main focus was youth ministry. It was shortly after this that I felt called to change my pursuit of a Business Management degree, and pursue a deeper Biblical understanding and I then enrolled in Patten University where the Lord used those 4 years to stretch me and equip me for the task before me. I served in several different capacities during my time there, such as: working in student government, to working with another church plant through the campus church, teaching 10th grade Bible classes at Patten Academy and coordinated chapels for the Academy. After graduating I stayed and continued working in many of these capacities as well as one of the Campus Chaplains. Which leads us to today where I now teach New Testament Survey at Templo de la Cruz’s UBTC, where I currently attend with my fiancé. In the mist of all this I have traveled on several missions trips, both locally and in Latin-America, have been a guest minister at various retreats, camps and conferences as well helped coordinate a local Youth & Young Adult Conference called “1L2L” which stands for One Life To Live that brings in students from all over Northern California and now are going on our 5th year and by God’s grace continue to see young people raising up to take their place in the Kingdom of God.

2013 Workshop

Spanish (Adult): Cross-Cultural Evangelism & Outreach


A workshop that will explore the ways of using your sphere of influence to fulfill the vision and works of Acts through the prophetic message of the Gospel.

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