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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Bruce Green

Bridge Building Consultant

Bridge Building with Muslims

Los Altos, CA

(510) 828-4561

Consultant, Bridges to Common Ground. For the last 18 years Rev. Green has built bridges of trust with the Afghan Community in "Little Kabul" (Fremont, CA). He is a board member of the Afghan Coalition, the largest social-service agency run by Afghans in California. His experience includes church youth ministry, overseas missionary work in Muslim-majority nations, Business as Missions, executive mission leadership, and interfaith dialogue. He is the primary author of “Islam & Christianity,” Rose Publications.

2013 Workshop

Missions: What Evangelicals Can Learn From Muslims


Understand the honor-shame worldview of most Muslims in order to better examine our Western freedom-guilt culture and avoid the clashes that can result from mutual ignorance. Learn how to build bridges with moderate Muslims and identify and honor the persons of peace.

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