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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Winnis Chiang

Licensed MFT, Founder & Director

Parenting ABC

Fremont, CA

(925) 806-8600

Winnis Chiang, founder of, is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in helping Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking parents to get along with, enjoy, equip and influence their American Born Chinese children. Other than providing clinical therapy through her private practice, she helps Chinese families to improve marital and parent-child relationships through speaking, training, coaching and article publishing.

Winnis holds B.S. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and M.A. Marriage, Family, & Child Counseling from Western Seminary. Previous careers include software engineer, software development manager, public school mental health counselor, counselor for Christian residential recovery program, and children’s minister.

2011 Workshop

Asian American: Manage Emotions for Intimate Loving Connections


Each family must face all kinds of pressure. For couples immigrated to the US from overseas, there are additional cultural, language, and other factors that affect their family interactions. How could ethnic Chinese couples from overseas (OBC) who are parents of American born Chinese (ABC) help themselves and their families understand emotions and deal with feelings so that they could meet the needs of each other and live an intimate loving connection by God's design?

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