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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Henry Zonio

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Menlo Park, CA


Henry has over 20 years’ experience in children's ministry in the United States and Canada. He is obsessed with helping churches develop a missional paradigm for children's ministry. One of his avenues for this is Kidmin and Culture, a blog which facilitates conversations about the mutual influence of children’s ministry and culture. Henry is also one of the co-founders and co-conspirators of What Matters Now in Children's Ministry. WMNCM exists to spark conversations that help move children's ministry forward and provide a platform for collaborative development of kidmin resources.

After growing up in California, Henry and his wife Erin left the Golden State in 1998, vowing never to return. However, in 2010, Henry, Erin, and their four children returned to the San Francisco East Bay where Henry works in children's ministry as the Elementary Production Director at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. He is also a grad student at San Jose State working on his M.A. in Sociology. Most recently, he's become an Alton Brown convert and regularly serves up culinary experiments to his family.

2013 Workshop

Children - Elementary: Positively Partnering with Parents


Parents are inundated with conflicting messages from the media, experts and other parents about how to be a good parent. The church adds to these burdensome messages by pointing out the inadequacies parents have in passing on faith to their children. What parents need are partners who will cheer them on, encourage them and help them discover what it really means to have a family that lives out the "with God life."

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