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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Karen Apple


1st Things 1st

Charlotte, NC


As a licensed children’s minister, Karen developed a multi-faceted church children’s ministry for infants through fifth graders and designed their over-the-top weekday preschool and Kids' Camp. Karen is now the director of 1st Things 1st. She's a popular nationally recognized speaker, a guest blogger and a mentor to children's ministry directors/pastors.

Equipping and encouraging children’s ministry leaders and teaching kids God's Word makes her heart sing. She adores Apples, especially her husband Steve.

2013 Workshop

Children - Early Childhood: Preschoolers Are LEARNING MACHINES. Teach the Way They Learn.


3, 4 and 5 year olds learn with every breath, every relationship and every experience. Understand how they learn so you can make good choices about learning activities, music and Bible learning adventures. Make God’s Word meaningful and memorable to young learners.

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