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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Deborah Klein

Sales & Marketing

Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds

Occidental, CA


Debbie grew up in Texas and participated in many women's and youth retreat while there. Debbie witnessed first-hand God’s reward to those who were faithful to either attend or organize the retreats. When it came time to begin a new chapter in California – she gravitated toward Christian Camping. Debbie is single and lives in Santa Rosa; her mother, brother and his family live in San Rafael. Her son, Kevin lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Lauren - her first grandson, Connor was born in September of 2015. Debbie began working at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds in July, 2003. Holding many different positions she has served as weekend sales coordinator since 2005. In July, 2010 Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds launched Sonoma Canopy Tours and Debbie has been instrumental in the advertising and marketing for this business unit as well.

2009 Workshop

Evangelism & Outreach: Secrets to Successful Retreat Planning


God performs mighty works among His people during church retreats in the out-of-doors. Learn the secrets for successful retreat planning from the experts. Walk away with the tools to plan your own successful retreat!

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