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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Women's Ministries Team Director

Fair Oaks Church

Concord, Ca

I grew up in Michigan, got married, came to California where I met Jesus and became His disciple over 35 years ago. I believe in the local church and our mandate to grow disciples to follow Jesus. I have worked with women in one capacity or another for 30 years and love to share His Word and encourage women to step out in faith and share His love for the world around them. My husband and I have 3 married sons and volunteer in our "spare time".

2009 Workshop

Women's Ministry: Hey! Back It Up!


Gleanings from the Book of Habakkuk. Ever wonder what God is doing in your life or in your ministry? Are you frustrated or just not seeing the answers you wanted? The book of Habakkuk has answers for all of us.

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