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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Laura Noelle


AngelInk Illuminations

Martinez, CA

(510) 691-0431

Laura Noelle is a Life REdesign Coach at AngelInk Illuminations who seeks to find beauty in broken pieces. Having spent her teen years in psychological turmoil, her experience of finding grace and restoration at the foot of the Cross has given her a passion to speak truth, hope, simplicity and love into the hearts of teens, young adults, families and youth workers. She is currently seeking a Certificate in Youth Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary while writing several book projects, mentoring teens and coordinating various teen conferences and events.

2010 Workshop

Counseling: Picture Perfect: Dealing with body Image, Media, and the Eating Disorder Crisis


Teens view media images more than any other age group and thus are over-exposed to the impossible cultural standard of beauty. We will deal with the images media presents, the body-image teens struggle with as a result, the reality of eating disorders and what you can do to help. We'll also cover some special events and programming ideas in addition to Biblical teaching that can encourage your youth.

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