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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Victor Quon

Leadership Team

Asian American Christian Fellowship

Los Angeles, CA

(408) 269-3446

Victor Quon is on staff with Asian American Christian Fellowship as part of their Leadership Team doing training for their staff and student leaders. He is also a campus minister for AACF at San Jose State University. Victor has been involved in student ministries for over 30 years. His primary passion is to see student leaders develop the spiritual gifting that God has placed within them.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Victor graduated from Bethel West Theological Seminary in 1984 with a MDiv degree. He has taught and trained students in seminaries and national youth conferences with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Victor and his wife, Jennie, have been married since 1989. They live in San Jose, CA with their three children Enoch (UC Davis AACF & basketball), Naomi (Yearbook & Robotics Business Team) & Austin (Robotics Builder & Marching Band). Victor is a devoted fan of the San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres. In his spare time, he studies chocolate donuts and Mountain Dew. He also likes to solve Sudoku puzzles.

He and his family are members of the LORD’s Grace Christian Church in Mountain View, CA.

2011 Workshop

Asian American: Asian Fathers


Stories of the struggles and triumphs of Asian fathers. It is not an easy thing for a man to be the spiritual leaders of his family. The path to success if often through the roads of failure. Whether you are a father seeking God's best for your family or if you are struggling with your relationship with your own father, come and hear how God enables us to overcome.

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