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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Pat J. Sikora

Ambassador of hope, healing, and wholeness for spirit, soul, and body

Mighty Oak Ministries

Redwood City, CA

President, Mighty Oak Ministries, Redwood City, CA

2016 Workshop

Counseling: Survival Tips for the Wilderness Journey: When the Itinerary You're on Isn't the One You Signed up For


Are you in a spiritual, personal, or professional wilderness? Did your life suddenly take a sharp left turn and leave you grasping for breath? Has your ministry been sidetracked as you struggle to simply hang on? How could this happen? How could God let this happen? If you're asking any of these questions, let me tell you the stories of people who have faced the wilderness and not only survived, but thrived. Learning from the example of Moses' wilderness trek, we examine derailed plans and learn eight tips for surviving when life takes a sudden left turn and dumps you in the desert.

Workshop Handouts: Survival Tips for the Wilderness Journey (docx)

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