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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Sarah Akutagawa

International Student Ministry Regional Coordinator, Northern CA & Hawaii

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Belmont, CA


Born and raised in San Francisco, with a BA from UC Berkeley and currently living in the peninsula, Sarah loves the SF Bay Area and has served in various ministry capacities. From high school ministry to Asian American student conferences, she now is in her 6th year serving with InterVarsity's international student ministry.

2016 Workshop

College: Spirituality & Discipleship in the University


Today's university students are unlike any other generation of men and women in higher education- raised with advanced global technology, constantly bombarded with information from tedious pop culture to heartbreaking injustice both here and abroad. Many seek a faith that not only co-exists with this reality, but also has the power to transform it.

How do we equip today's university students to not only maintain their faith in college, but to grow in love for God in new and changing contexts? What unique opportunities for mission and discipleship will relate to this generation and lead them into a life long faith?

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