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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Keith Johnson

National Sales Manager

Christian Standard Media

Cincinnati, OH


Children’s Pastor since 1984 in churches from Michigan, California and Minnesota, Graduate of BIOLA University (BA, English), University of the Pacific (MA, Communications) and Dallas Theological Seminary (MA Christian Education, cum laude). Keith is the former Director of Children’s Ministries for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, author of Teacher Training On The Go and Take Out Training For Teachers. After 9 years with Group Publishing, Keith spent 5 years running one of the campuses of Strayer University as Campus Director in Nashville, Memphis and Birmingham, AL. Keith is now the National Sales Manager for Christian Standard Media, Cincinnati, Ohio. Keith and his wife live in Birmingham, AL.

2016 Workshop

Special Needs: High Needs Children and How to Teach ALL Children


Too often churches view special needs children as important but too much of a burden to attempt to engage. However, embracing special needs children can often be the first step toward improving your ministry to all children. • Discover teaching techniques that accommodate learning with reading disorders to improve the learning experience for everyone • Tap into the expertise of parents and build a partnership that helps you reach every child. • Leverage debriefing questions to increase empathy and assertiveness in every child • Learn inclusive methods at each age level to make your church open to everyone

Workshop Handouts: Modifying Lessons (pdf)· Sensory Inventory Key (pdf)· Parent Conversation Guide (pdf)· Creating Picture Schedule (pdf)· Age Level Characteristics (pdf)· Breakaway Bay (pdf)· Special Needs Myths (docx)

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