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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Larry Jay

DIrector of Guest Services

Redwood Glen

Loma Mar, CA

Rev. Dr. Larry Jay serves as the Director of Guest Services at Redwood Glen Camp and Conference Center in Loma Mar, CA. An ordained American Baptist pastor, he is a graduate of the American Baptist Seminary of the West, the Franciscan School of Theology, Golden Gate Seminary, and UCLA. He has served as a campus minister with Asian American Christian Fellowship, a youth pastor and church planter with First Chinese Baptist Church San Francisco, and was the founding pastor of Sunset Ministry in San Francisco. A runner and backpacker, Larry is committed to a sustainable "ecological spirituality", a healthy lifestyle, and long runs along the bay and in the woods. Contentedly single, he is the daddy of two kittens; and although a plant-based vegan, he is also in the life-long pursuit of finding the "perfect" chocolate cake.

2016 Workshop

Singles & Single Parents: The Nature of Singleness


With an emphasis on marriage and family within the church today, the value of singleness among God's people is often lost. Those who are not yet married or those who were formerly married can be made to feel like second-class citizens in the kingdom of God. This is not the case. The Christian life is not about finding “our better half” but encountering the One who completes us. The tradition of the Christian mystics teaches us this. This workshop will explore the spiritual significance of singleness by embracing meditation of creation as a way to find wholeness with the Creator. Like St. Francis of Assisi, time in nature reminds us that we are never alone, but connected with all that God has made. The nature of singleness is wholeness found in meditation of creation.

Workshop Handouts: outline (pdf)· JohnofCrossLectio (pdf)· LectioofCreation (pdf)

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