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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Robert Shreve

Children's Pastor

Life Luthern Church

El Cerito, CA

925 768-8883

Graduate of Prairie Bible Institute and Michigan Technological University with BS degree in Applied Mathematics. Worked as Programmer/Analyst and Business Analyst for 18 yrs at Chevron. Was director of Child Evangelism Fellowship in Contra Costa County. Has been a presenter at BASS for 8 years. Frequent speaker at AWANA clubs and Youth meetings for 15 yrs. I am currently a Children's Pastor.

2016 Workshop

Children - Elementary: Power of Unintentional Teaching


Unintentional teaching: is the thing we teach without trying or which we did not mean to teach. An example would be when a teacher asks, “Who created the world?” A student raises his hand and when called upon he says, “Jesus.” The teacher responds, “No” and calls on the next student who answers, “God.” Teacher says, “Yes.” and proceeds’ with the lesson. That teacher has unintentionally taught the children that Jesus is not God and did not create the world. Another example of unintentional teaching is when the teacher tells the children: “Eve ate the forbidden fruit” while holding a picture of a woman with an apple in her hand. Even though the teacher did not mean to, the children will leave the class sure that Eve ate an apple when she sinned because they saw it in the picture. This is how so many of our children become so confused and decide that the stories in the Bible are not true because they are “full of inconsistencies.” We need to take the time to make sure that our intentional teaching and our unintentional teaching line up and are consistent. I have many more examples like these two and principles to avoid unintentional inconsistencies in our teaching and even how to use the power of unintentional teaching to teach our students lessons they will never forget.

Workshop Handouts: Unintentional Teaching (docx)

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