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A Conference for Northern California Churches


Senior Pastor

Japanese Christian Church of Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, Ca


Matthew "Matty" Blevins is the Senior Pastor of the Japanese Christian Church of Walnut Creek (English Department) and has over 17 years of pastoral experience. He graduated from San Jose Christian College and Western Seminary and is often invited to speak at retreats and conferences in the areas of engaging culture, Biblical sexuality and redemptive suffering. He has been married to his best friend and true love Mary for 25 years and has two amazing boys, Elijah (age 12) and Josiah (age 7), who are both home-schooled. His hobbies are mixed-martial arts, reading sci-fi and fantasy and experiencing difficult culinary cultures.

2016 Workshop

21st Century Issues: When Church Hurts


When we are part of a local body, sooner or later we will be hurt. We will be hurt by leadership. We will be hurt by each other. We will be hurt as something we love is changed and as our expectations for what the church is supposed to be is challenged. We become disappointed, heart-broken and many times we feel betrayed. We get angry, depressed and either disconnect or retreat. Many never recover and fade into a luke-warm Christian existence. Others try sticking it out but never fully heal. There must be a better way! In this class Pastor Matty will be sharing biblical insight as well as personal stories and examples of dealing fruitfully with hurts in the church.

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