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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Kofi Acquaah-Arhin

Spoken Word Artist

New Life Community Church

Oakland, CA

Kofi is a performing artist whose creative work includes spoken word poetry and theater. He began his spoken word pursuits soon after graduating from UC Hastings Law School in 2007.

He most recently made his acting debut in Stanford University's musical theater show Higher Ground (2014). A sought after spoken word poet, he has performed at the City of San Jose's annual Juneteenth Celebration - Church in the Park (2011, 2012, 2013), participated in the Stanford Gospel Choir's Winter Showcase in 2012 and was featured as a guest on Godsent TV (2011).

Kofi was Co-Director of the Saved Poets Society (SPS) at Bible Way Christian Center from 2008-2012where he was responsible for developing the talents of the SPS membership, coordinating SPS’ bi-annual event, “The Stage,” and facilitating outreach opportunities, among other duties.

In 2011 he co-founded the Word Spoken Project (WSP), a para-church organization with the mission of spreading the gospel through the spoken word medium. With WSP he hosted the “Live Out Loud” poetry event as well as coordinated the Fatherhood poetry workshop at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall.

His passion for youth has also led him to facilitate spoken word for youth at Bible Way Christian Center and New Life Community Church's Arts Camp.

Kofi can currently be found sharing his artistic craft at a variety of venues, open-mics and churches throughout the Bay Area.

2016 Workshop

Worship Arts: Speak the Word: Spoken Word As a Creative Arts Ministry and Outreach


Poetry is an art form found in Scripture from the writings of the Psalmist and beyond demonstrating the power and impact that can be made through creative lyricism inspired by God. Today, one of the ways our God given creativity can be utilized is through Spoken Word, a form of performance poetry influenced by hip-hop culture that is one of the most dynamic and important literary expressions of the new century. Often practiced in “poetry slams” at coffee shops, bookstores, and bars across the country, spoken word transcends boundaries of race, class, ethnicity, age, gender identity, and sexual orientation. As a result it can be used to touch the lives of people of all backgrounds. Spoken Word has shown itself to be particularly effective in engaging engage youth and young adults, outreach, and can be incorporated into praise and worship. No previous writing, speaking, or performing experience is necessary to participate. Come and join this judgment free zone as we share and learn how Spoken Word can be used to spread the gospel and build up the body of Christ.

Workshop Handouts: Speak the Word Discussion Guide (pdf)

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