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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Bev Daily


Kids Club Consultants

San Jose, Ca


When Bev Daily sensed God was leading her to have her children attend the neighborhood elementary school, little did she know God also had plans to use her to spread the gospel to upwards 4000 students and families in Northern California. She's worked tirelessly since 1994 to offer Christ-centered programs and activities on public elementary and middle school campuses. In 2005, her passion for community outreach officially began operating as Kids Club Consultants, Inc. Bev and her team of consultants have successfully coached and guided more than 600 volunteers from roughly 74 churches to host free, weekly, 90 minute programs on upwards 74 campuses; many of which are nestled in gang-infested areas and neighborhoods with high populations of low-income households and English learners.

2016 Workshop

Evangelism & Outreach: 90 Minutes Can Radically Change You, Your Church, and Your Community


Churches are the key element to transforming a community. Imagine if your church mobilized a team of volunteers to provide a weekly academic enrichment and character development program that's filled with lots of fun and games, all while teaching the love of Christ to students. Kids Club Consultants, Inc. helps churches do just that! During the 2014 - 2015 school year more than 74 churches hosted free, Bible-based after school programs reaching more than 4000 students on 74 public school campuses. Come, learn how God has created an open door to easily share your faith, enabling your church to make a greater impact within the community by meeting the needs of students, school faculty/staff, and families.

Workshop Handouts: 90 Minutes Can Radically Change You (pdf)

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