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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Barbara Williams

Christian Education Dept

Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

Oakland, CA

(707) 319-1464

She has taught in the field of Christian Education for over 40 years. A conference speaker for youth and women's ministries and conducts relationship workshops.Currently Director of Christian Education at Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, Oakland, CA.

2016 Workshop

Evangelism & Outreach: Is Our Evangelism Effective in the Inner City?


Rising murder rates, unsolved violence in the inner city - what does this say about inner city churches? Where do the neighbors go for help when traumatized? This workshop will discuss ways we can become more effective in ministering to our neighborhoods by becoming

Workshop Handouts: Empathy-13 (docx)· Empathy-Children (docx)· Empathy Quiz (docx)· Empathy Quiz Answers (docx)

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