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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Dan Lovaglia

Associate | Children & Family Ministries

Slingshot Group

Irvine, CA


Dan Lovaglia is a discipleship catalyst, ministry consultant, and leadership coach. He currently serves as a staffing+coaching associate on the Children & Family Ministries team with Slingshot Group. He is the author of Relational Children's Ministry: Turning Kid-Influencers into Lifelong Disciple Makers (Zondervan, 2016) and the Family Ministry columnist for Children's Ministry Magazine (Group Publishing). With the heart of a true equipper, Dan leverages his experiences—particularly his seasons at Willow Creek Community Church and Awana—to build into kid-influencers and churches nationwide.

2016 Workshop

Children's Ministry Leadership: Refueling Your Tank: What’s Your Plan for Spiritual Renewal?


When the needle hits “E” that doesn’t always mean, “Extra ten miles!” If you have ever experienced, or wondered if you’re on your way, to burnout in ministry, this workshop is designed just for you. In addition to creating a roadmap to refuel spiritually, you will receive the gift of time and space to begin being renewed.

Workshop Handouts: HANDOUT_Refueling Your Tank: What’s Your Plan for Spiritual Renewal? (pdf)

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