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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-6, 2021
Hosted Online for 2021

DeJuana Golden

Cause-Related Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Faith Christian Church

Los Angeles, CA

DeJuana Golden, MS, EJD is a wife and mother of six children including her teen son CJ who has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism. She is the Founder and CEO of Special Shades of Color where she aims to provide a real look inside of the lives of parents raising special needs children through digital content. She is also the author of "Finding Strength Throughout Your Journey: A 30-Day Devotional for Special Needs Parents." A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (Bachelor’s degree) and Golden Gate University (Master’s degree), she also received her Executive Juris Doctorate degree at Concord Law School. DeJuana has over 16 years of experience in marketing (both cause-related and online), advocacy, as well as community service. She also completed a Special Education Advocacy Training program through COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates), with the goal of improving access to services in order to enhance the lives of children, parents, and families in the special needs community. DeJuana was honored as a Rising Star by the Orange County Global Women’s Conference for her work with Special Shades of Color. Additionally, Special Shades of Color has been awarded the Pollination Project Grant, LIFE Ministries Grant, and featured on KTLA’s Helpful Honda commercial highlighting those who make a difference in their communities.

2016 Workshop

Special Needs: The Role of the Church in Promoting Healthy Special Needs Families


Currently 16.8 million family caregivers are caring for special needs children under 18 years old and of this amount 55% are caring for their own children(National Alliance of Caregiving). Even more staggering is the fact that over 50% of special needs parents report being clinically depressed.

With these facts and the increasing rates of special needs parents succumbing to the pressure of raising their children, the growing need for church outreach and counseling is real.

Not only do congregations face challenges in accommodating special needs families, but how do churches and pastors reach this unique population of families? What can churches do to go beyond the church walls to touch the lives of stressed, as well as emotionally and mentally wounded populations of parents who need a source of strength to care for their special loved ones?

In this session, we will discuss tangible ways that congregations and pastors can reach out to special needs parents with the goal of increasing emotional and mental well-being. Offering a unique parent-perspective, I will unveil the need and ways that pastors can address this need through outreach, counseling, and support services. Whether you are a small or large Body of Christ, you can and will be equipped to touch the lives of special needs families!

Workshop Handouts: Positive Self-Talk Worksheet (pdf)· Autism Moms Have Stress Similar To Combat Soldiers (pdf)· Coping Checklist for Depression (pdf)

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