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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-6, 2021
Hosted Online for 2021


Bay Farm Commnity Church

Alameda, CA, CA

(510) 522-4020

In 2005 my husband Rob and I completed a Discovering your Spiritual Gifts workshop at church. Much to our surprise had very similar gifts! We knew we wanted to find something to use our gifts for together at church.

We both grew up in families where being home in time for dinner was expected. We reflect back on that and realized how important it was for us all to connect around the dinner table. Statistics from a study in 2004 showed that less than half of families eat together routinely. It is also documented that children who eat at home with parents are happier, healthier, and better students. Besides the practical realities, dinner time is a key time for parents to instill their values with their children. Given all of that, with most families in the Bay Area having both parents working, cooking healthy home-made meals nightly can be a challenge for even the most creative.

Rob and I got the idea of starting a cooking ministry based on some commercial businesses where you can assemble entrees to quickly prepare at home. We submitted a proposal to the church, got some church friends together to become our core team, and began developing recipes to start the ministry. We were off to the races in November of 2005. We are now in to our 7th year and continue to enjoy the blessings of this unique outreach ministry. Not only is it helping bring fmilies back arouind the dinner table together, it has helped children learn how to cook, create a social time for parents, and meals donated to the church freezer are used to help those in need between our monthly events.

We look forward to sharing our ministry with you and would like to help you start Dinner from the Heart at your church.

2011 Workshop

Evangelism & Outreach: Quick Freezer Meal Prep Ministry


This ministry offers monthly quick, freezable meal prep - promoting family time together with nutritious and creative meals. Participants attend prep sessions and pay for the entrees. They donate some to the church freezer for community families in need, and the profits help to fund church projects. This is also an exciting and fun ongoing ministry concept to network with other churches and community.

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