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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Sik-Lam Wong


Sik-Lam Wong LMFT


Sik-Lam Wong was trained as a plasma physicist and had worked in industry for more than thirty years. Sik-Lam has a life-long interest in psychology and has received his training in marriage and family therapy from Western Seminary. He is now retired from his career in physics but has started a second career in counseling. Sik-Lam currently has a private practice in Berkeley CA.

2016 Workshop

Counseling: Paradise Lost - How the Past Can Affect Our Present


According to the Bible, we are created for relationships with God and with others. With sin entering into our world, our relationship with both God and others is affected and we no longer live in peace. These days, both psychology and neuroscience agree with biblical teachings that we are created for relationships and the breakdown in relationships results in anxiety and the loss of peace. Long-term anxiety would be internalized and affect our relationship with others and also our sense of self. As original sin got passed from generation to generation, anxiety can also be passed from one generation to the next.

In this workshop, we will explore how relational wounds in our past can affect our present. We will also explore practical steps one can regain and improve our relationships, to minimize the effects of our own childhood wounds from affecting those around us, and especially our family.

Workshop Handouts: Paradise Lost (pdf)

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