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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Tashandra Bellamy





My name is TaShandra Bellamy and I have been involved in youth mistiries for over 10 years. I taught the teen bible study class at my last churh for 5 years and more recently a teacher in the childrens ministry at my current church The Well for the past 3 years.I especially have a calling to minister to teen girls and young adult women. In 2007 I started a ministry called "Sweet Hearts for Christ". The ministry is for teen girls and young women who wish to know how to live Holy and please God on a daily basis.I minister to the ladies about topics dealing with hygiene,etiquette, finances all the way to sexuality. God has entrusted me to empower and teach the youth of today. No it is not an easy task and it definetly requires a lot of patience, but God has blessed me with the wisdom and the tenacity to minister to the youth of today.

2016 Workshop

Youth: God! You want ME to teach the TEENS?


Often times as leaders and adults when we here the word teen we tend to look the other way. The youth of today are our youth leaders and pastors of tomorrow. We must take the time to teach them and prepare and empower and equip them with God's word so that they may be able to lead God's people. Let this course show you new and innovative ways to teach your teens the word of God.We will discuss tips and ideas on how to keep your teens engaged with God's word.

Workshop Handouts: BASS HANDOUT T. BELLAMY (docx)

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