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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Debbie Lillo

Bridge Builders Disability Ministry lead

Saratoga Federated Church

Saratoga, CA

Debbie recently retired from serving for 9 years as Church Relations Manager at Joni and Friends Bay Area and co-leads the Bridge Builders ministry at Saratoga Federated Church. She has been involved in supporting churches and equipping leaders for 15 years and is passionate about ministering to every member of the special needs family.

2016 Workshop

Special Needs: Inclusion vs. Self-Contained Classrooms: Meeting the Needs of Students and Building Community


This workshop will provide guidelines for deciding whether your children, teens, or adults with disabilities would benefit most from a buddy program or a self contained classroom. Participants will be given tools for creating self-contained classrooms for students of all ages, and for creating opportunities for special needs students to build and maintain relationships with their typically developing peers.

Workshop Handouts: Wise Inclusion Decisions handout (doc)· Wise inclusion decisions power point (pdf)· Creating a Sensory bag (pdf)· Curriculum Evaluation (doc)· Resources for the Church (doc)· Adapting Curriculum Tips (doc)· Tips for setting up a special needs classroom (doc)· What is an Irresistible Church? (doc)

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