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A Conference for Northern California Churches

High School Pastor

Whittier Area Community Church

Whittier, Ca

Jordan Berry has served as a youth pastor working with high school students and their parents since 2003. He has a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry from Azusa Pacific University. He is currently the high school pastor at Whittier Area Community Church in Whittier, CA. He is a long time Young Life volunteer and he has also been an assistant coach for the guys’ basketball teams at Palo Alto High School for the past seven seasons. He also partners with FCA in the local high school. He has presented workshops for both parents and students through the Children’s Health Council, Morrissey Compton, the Boys and Girls Club, Foothill Community Church, Peninsula Bible Church, The King’s Academy, and previously at BASS. He is married to his beautiful wife Allison, has a hilarious son, Noah, a beautiful baby daughter named Evangeline, and they have a four pound Chihuahua named Harley and a tortoise that will grow to be 200 pounds named Eleazar.

2014 Workshop

Youth: The Nine Most Important Relationships of a Youth Pastor


Being a youth pastor can sometimes be a deceptively complicated thing. We balance so much, from the mundane and tedious to the serious and heartbreaking, all while trying to make life and ministry fun and engaging. We’re expected to know and teach the Word in a way that students can relate to it. We’re expected to find, train, and empower volunteers. We’re expected to plan, organize, and execute large trips or service projects for large groups of people. We’re expected to be able to counsel students and parents through difficult circumstances and issues. We’re expected to communicate well with church leadership, paid staff, volunteers, parents, and students. And on top of all that we perform a whole host of other tasks, like playing in the band, tutoring, hauling couches around, picking up drunk kids in the middle of the night, paying attention to teens’ nutrition, taking classes, making videos, and I could go on and on…and on. The point is, sometimes it is difficult to know what the job of a youth worker actually is. In this workshop we will explore the job of the youth pastor broken down into nine important relationships to pay attention to in order to do your job well.

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