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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Beverly Blades

Leadership Training Instructor

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Fallon, NV

I have been with Child Evangelism Fellowship for 51 years. I travel training children's workers in the US and in many countries overseas. At present I am a field worker for the state of Nevada CEF and on the state CEF board. Our goal is to partner with the churches in rural NV to begin After School Good News Clubs in the small Nevada communities. The job I enjoy the most is teaching children and training teens.

2014 Workshop

Children - Elementary: Developing Biblically Focused Kids in an Unbiblical World


Kids today are being bombarded with all kids of belief systems and philosophies. Kids will believe something the question is - What will they believe? How can we as teachers and parents instill a biblical belief system or a biblical worldview in out kids in the midst of an unbiblical, secular world? Both theory and practical

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