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Kathy Vincent


The Scripture Lady

Yorba Linda, CA

(714) 331-7192

Kathy Vincent is the director of the creative children's performing ministry, The Scripture Lady, and has been traveling around Southern California for the past 21 years ministering to preschoolers and elementary aged children with the Word of God.

Through toe-tapping music and programs filled with eye-catching props, games and object lessons, Kathy loves to help get kids excited about the Bible!

She is also the creator and author of "Scripture Lady's Email Kid Tips" as well as her website - - which offers hundreds of Scripture-filled songs, games, lessons and downloadable products for the spiritual growth of children.

In addition to performing for children, Kathy offers her services as a seminar speaker to both churches and schools seeking encouragement and new ideas for their staff.

She and her husband attend EV Free Church of Fullerton, CA.

2011 Workshop

Children - Elementary: 5 Ways to Make Sunday School the Best Hour of the Week


Help! I've got Sunday School duty and I don't know what to do! No Worries! Just step into this new and interactive seminar to learn 5 ways to help your children grow closer to God during your Sunday School hour. We'll look at music, Bible review games, object lessons, storytelling and effective ways to share the Gospel!

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