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A Conference for Northern California Churches

John Milgate


Let's Be Gracing

Pittsburg, CA

After nearly 30 years in pastoral ministry in California, John and his wife Paula moved to Seattle where, for four years, they opened their hearts and home to college students and recent graduates. While engaged in this highly relational ministry God led them into a form of discipleship based on Life in The Way of Jesus.

Come hear about God's strategic use of hospitality to share love, spread community, and encourage others in the Faith. Consider how Jesus might use you as a friend to touch the hearts and lives of others where you live.

2014 Workshop

21st Century Issues: Discipleship in the Way of Jesus


Do we follow Jesus by living in Jesus as The Way? Are we really willing to be examined by God on that point?

Join us and consider several descriptions of Jesus as a disciple, and then imagine learning to live the same Way. That is what we will do together, through inductive study of passages like Isaiah 50:4, John 5:19-21, and John 20:21. These verses sketch the scriptural framework for discipleship in the Way of Jesus, discipleship based in relationships, discipleship which opens Life in Jesus as an adventure! Why would you want to live any other way?

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