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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Marie Fang

Licensed Psychologist

Life Christian Counseling

San Jose, CA


Marie Fang, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist experienced in walking with individuals through an array of issues connected to identity and anxiety: journeying through questioning or leaving the faith; navigating the intersection of faith, sexuality, and gender; coping with religious anxiety; dealing with immigration and culture shock; moving through racial or ethnic identity; helping with general anxiety, panic, and unwanted ruminating thoughts; and learning to lean into life when you don't feel like you "fit in."

2014 Workshop

Special Needs: Bridging the Gap: Responding to Mental Illness Within the Church


Although mental illness is as prevalent in the church as anywhere else, it's often not addressed in seminary and infrequently brought up in the context of church. Often when mental health issues arise for church leaders there may be shame, theological questions, and lack of education that leave leaders feeling ill equipped to properly respond. This workshop intends to focus on addressing some of these common issues that may arise in the church surrounding the topic of mental illness through lecture and open discussion.

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