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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Amy Fenton Lee

Special Needs Consultant

The reThink Group

Cumming, GA

AMY FENTON LEE is the special needs consultant to the reThink Group, Inc. Amy has written extensively on the subject of special needs inclusion in children's ministry environments and has been published in dozens of in-print publications, journals, and on the web, including her own blog, In 2012, Amy was the special needs columnist for Children's Ministry Magazine. Amy's book, Leading a Special Needs Ministry: A Practical Guide to Including Children and Loving Families was released by the reThink Group this past April.

2014 Workshop

Special Needs: Building a Special Needs Ministry Team


Accommodating a child with autism can be a game-changer for an entire church staff, and every church needs to be prepared. With planning and program parameters everyone can experience success. We'll walk through the various issues a church’s leadership team may need to consider as they determine their church’s unique calling and capability for disability accommodation. We will talk about developing a job description for a special needs ministry coordinator while offering ways the church can inspire and equip lay leader champions. Best practices will be shared for instilling a sound culture for risk management and program longevity.

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