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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Pastor LJ Jennings

Senior Pastor

Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship

Oakland, CA


L.J. Jennings is founder and Sr. Pastor of Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship (KBCF) an Oakland, CA based 21st century ministry. Having served more than 20 years in Bay Area ministry, in 2009 God called Pastor LJ to establish and create a “Church like no other”. KBCF, guided by the Word of God, loves people from where they are, and disciples them to be all God has called them to be. Since its inception the Lord is sending people from all over the Bay Area to be part of our growing body of believer’s. In the two short years of ministry God has grown the church to more than 400 members, with many joining each week. The vision of the ministry is inspired by the creation and establishment of a “Dream Center”. A refuge from homelessness, gangs, prostitution, abuse, and family crisis: A place where individuals can come to receive love, encouragement and support services that are aimed at restoring them to be productive in society and for the Kingdom of God. In the two short years of ministry the church launched numerous ministries that the support the spiritual and natural growth of its members and community. KBCF provides: showers, a change of clothes and washer and dryer services while nourishing the homeless population naturally, members are supported through a program called “In Reach Sunday” whereby members are provided with groceries, bus passes, gas cards and gift cards to help them during lean times of the month. Annually the church distributes groceries that feed more than 1200 people during the thanksgiving holiday and distributes toys to more than 500 children during Christmas. The community is supported through weekly food give-ways, community computer lab, free car washes, annual big days, community health awareness, financial fitness workshops, children’s summer lunch program and boot camp, homeless feeding, showers, clothing and washer and dryer services and a pay it forward program where members do random acts of kindness of complete strangers . The church is truly a ministry of people helping people. In his secular roles he is President of Pyramid Real Estate & Investments, a full service real estate company specializing in the disposition of bank owned properties based in Oakland, CA. He serves as President of the Sales Division of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers and Chairman of the Board for the Bay Area Black United Fund and Coalition of Black Professional Organizations. He has held numerous local, statewide and national leadership positions in both civic and religious capacities. Pastor L.J. is an accomplished speaker, teacher and presenter, frequently sharing his insight and knowledge with audiences across the United States. Pastor LJ Holds a Doctorate in Theology from the Sacramento Theological Seminary, an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry from Bell Grove Theological Seminary, and a Masters and Bachelors in Christian Education from East Bay Theological Seminary. He also attended California State University Hayward, where he majored in Political Science and Business Administration. He is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Courses. A life long resident of Oakland, he is married to Karen Jennings.

2014 Workshop

Marriage & Families: Blended Families


All of our churches have blended families and relationships yet little is said about this new normal. With more than two thirds of all individuals involved in some sort of a blended relationship. Blended families have become the new norm. Learn about blended families, their impact on your ministry and how to effectively minister to this new normal.

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