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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Roy Tinklenberg

Church Planter at Compass Christian Church

Next Generation Churches of Northern California

Mountain View, CA

Roy is married to Esther and together they have three kids Bethany, Ben and Brooke! He loves being a dad and encouraging other men to be excellent fathers, great husbands and valuable workers. As a Pastor in the Silicon Valley, Roy places a high premium on mobilizing and empowering leaders towards greater effectiveness in their work and relationships.

2014 Workshop

Men's Ministry: Next Generation Christians: Helping Young Men Grow Like Jesus Grew


This workshop will look at every remnant of scripture that describes the spiritual development of Jesus from age 12 to 30 and help you as a dad, youth pastor or mentor create balanced goals for the nurture and growth of your sons and youth group members. Together we will discover three keys to help young men in their personal spiritual development. We will learn about four essential areas of growth and you'll make growth goals that are consistent with the patterns of growth in Jesus' adolescent spiritual development.

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