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A Conference for Northern California Churches

Jack and Liz Hagler


Hooked On The Book

Salinas, CA


Liz Hagler is the illustrator of The Bible Animal Storybook, Questar Publishing (1990) and The Early Reader’s Bible (1991). She has B.A. in Art and English from University of California at Davis. She studied graphic design at California College of Arts and Crafts and has taught many years of Sunday School as well as homeschooling her three children.

2014 Workshop

Children - Elementary: The Easy Way To Teach The BIG IDEA Of Each Book In the Bible


Tired of teaching kids to memorize the names of the Bible books but not having a clue what the books are about? We will be presenting an easy way to teach children ages 7-12 the BIG IDEA of each book in the Bible. We will teach you how to do that using the book Hooked On The Book. With lots of free support material, humor and storytelling, kids will remember what they learn and you will have fun teaching. Hope you check us out.

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