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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-6, 2021
Hosted Online for 2021

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Workshop Details

Friday, March 5, 10:30 am: Gil Stieglitz - Building a Ridiculous Marriage: 15 Habits to a Great Marriage
What are the actions and routines of couples who have great marriages? What habits do they consistently do and don't do? Join Gil Stieglitz as he presents 12 habits of great marriages - a roadmap for engaged, new, and struggling couples. Gil has seen amazing results with the couples he has counseled and taught since developing this material. To just spell out the actual things that couples with great marriages do is simple, yet eye-opening.
Hosted by Matty Blevins

Friday, March 5, 1:30 pm: Rob Carter - Pro-Life Advocacy Ministries
This workshop will give church leaders a comprehensive overview of PRO-LIFE ministries. As well, those interested in engaging on the streets and college campuses in the fight for the unborn will hear from experts that minister to women at Planned Parenthood clinics and share the gospel with students at their universities. This is a spiritual war the greater evangelical Church need not be fearful about engaging in. It's a war we must engage in.
Hosted by Dwight Hunnicutt

Friday, March 5, 3:00 pm: Dale Hudson - Here Comes Gen Alpha
Gen Alpha is the newest generation that is emerging. They are the kids in your ministry ages 9 and under. Discover their unique characteristics and how you can reach and disciple them for Christ.
Hosted by Jason Johnson

Saturday, March 6, 9:30 am: Clay Allen - My Family Is Being Devastated By Online Porn. Where Is My Help?
We've been invaded! Tens of millions of men and women, young and mature, have been devastated by an unprecedented porn invasion, a digital 'porndemic,' that began 25 years ago. In just 12 months the COVID lockdowns have escalated porn use by 40%! This virtual porn virus has seen many more people harmed than the COVID virus at the center of attention. Lives have been derailed by the addictive pull of porn, harming and destroying marriages, families, finances, even entire churches. But there is real help to restore broken lives and relationships right now! We mastered digital help long before Zoom became a household word, to equip you to bring discrete, live, help to those in need. You can be God's hero. Come learn the simple, strategic plan to make that happen... Be part of God's triumphant solution!
Hosted by Jeff Miller

Saturday, March 6, 12:45 pm: Steve Diehl - The Two Sides of Sin and Forgiveness
In the Bible, forgiveness is described as being both unconditional AND conditional. How can this be??? Unless we understand the two sides of sin and forgiveness people generally choose one side or the other, making the practice of real forgiveness almost impossible. In this workshop we will examine the two sides of sin and forgiveness, how one side is conditional and the other unconditional, and how to practice them effectively. Knowing these two sides of forgiveness unlocks its incredible treasures for soul health, physical health, spiritual health and relational health.
Hosted by Leon Harper

Saturday, March 6, 2:15 pm: Ronda Hastings - Women's Ministry Reimagined
As we endeavor to expand the Kingdom of God and enrich our communities, we are challenged to find new ways to minister. In this workshop we will explore components of an innovative mindset that will help us reach beyond barriers and fuel the development of new ministry methods. We will discover creative ideas in ministering to women, even in the middle of social distancing, in a way that helps to break through the oftentimes pervasive sense of loneliness and isolation and build a sense of community for us all.
Hosted by Janet Hall