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A Conference for Northern California Churches
March 5-6, 2021
Hosted Online for 2021

Welcome to the BASS 2021 Convention
Taking New Ground

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our usual in person convention will be replaced with an online virtual convention for 2021.

The convention will take place March 5-6, 2021.

Please check this website for more details soon.

Redwood Christian Schools

March 4, 5, & 6, 2021

What to expect as a Workshop Presenter at BASS

Thank you for prayerfully considering being a workshop presenter at Bay Area Sunday School Convention (aka BASS). Our goal is to provide top-quality workshop presenters who can help achieve our mission to "equip, train, encourage, and inspire professional and volunteer workers in the body of Christ for Christian Ministry". Please keep this in mind as you determine the content of your proposed workshop. We want to help our attendees DO ministry.

Below are the guidelines that should answer most of your questions as well as provide all pertinent information on deadlines, schedules, and expectations. We ask that you follow all deadlines on submission.
All workshop proposals must be submitted at the BASS website by August 31, 2020.

What You Can Expect as a Workshop Presenter

  • Workshops are 75 minutes long.
  • Workshop presenters are responsible for their own travel expenses, food, overnight lodging, car rental, or long term parking arrangements.
  • Since our attendees come from a broad spectrum of evangelical churches, theologically distinctive words or concepts should not be emphasized. Use of phrases unique to denominations can actually decrease your effectiveness. Emphasis should be placed on “how to” accomplish ministry. Avoid making your workshop a group therapy session but focus on how the attendee can return to their churches and DO ministry in their environments.
  • Workshop presenters are provided an honorarium - $50 for the first workshop and $40 for all others. Those who are sponsored by a publishing company or have a for profit exhibit booth are not eligible for an honorarium. If you would like information about exhibit space, please visit our exhibitor registration page.
  • Workshop presenters are expected to check-in upon arrival as it is vital to confirm your presence at the Convention. Upon check-in you will receive a BASS printed program with schedules and maps, as well as a Workshop Presenter name badge which will allow you access to all areas of the Convention.
  • A Hospitality room with refreshments will be available for all workshop presenters.
  • Products may NOT be sold during your workshop(s) or in the workshop classrooms. The subject you address in your workshop should stand alone and not depend on a purchase. The Workshop is to be used for presenting methods, ideas, principles, etc., not for the selling of materials.
  • You will be prayed for as you plan your proposal.
  • All workshop leaders are asked to provide a 2 to 3 page handout for their workshop. Copies of a power point presentation are not very useful to the attendee and we encourage you to provide outlines instead.
  • BASS will reimburse costs for copies up to $15 per workshop. Copies made at home will be reimbursed at .08 per page. Allow 50 copies for a workshop those appeals to a general audience, and 25 copies for workshops that appeal to a more specialized audience. No fee is to be charged for handouts that are distributed as part of the workshop. BASS cannot mail copies to attendees. Handouts may also be uploaded to the BASS website.
  • All future communications will be via email. Please respond to BASS email in a timely manner. It is recommended that you create a file for saving all email communications.

The Executive Board and Program Committee recognize that a resurgence of the Covid-19 virus could impact these plans.

Nevertheless, the Board and Program Committee continue to move forward for a safe, successful and profitable 2021 convention for all presenters and attendees. With this in mind, please submit your workshop proposals in anticipation of an in-person convention. Our desire is to offer as many workshops as possible consistent with any social-distancing recommendations that may be in place in early 2021.

Also, we have added a NEW track: Mercy Ministries, which would be the track for ministries that provide inner city assistance (drug/alcohol abuse, counseling, single parenting, sexual abuse, and many others). 

In October - after the summer months - the Board will re-evaluate whether changes for 2021 might be necessary. We will update those who have submitted proposals on the 2021 convention status in late October.

Please proceed to submit a workshop proposal